Fauve Magazine

Fauve Magazine was created by Jake Hernandez in July, 2022 with the goal of showcasing the art and artists of the current era. In a world inundated with visual culture, Fauve wishes to focus in on the specific aesthetic philosophies that guide the artists of the modern age, especially those that challenge artistic tradition.

Fauve is a French word that comes from the phrase “les fauves” which means “the wild beasts“. This name was given to the artistic movement that emphasized color and impression rather than naturalism and representation. In their Salon of 1905, they were disparaged by a critic that bestowed upon them the wild beast moniker. The short-sightedness of this critic is laughable now, yet, at the time, artists such as Matisse, Braque, and Derain were not the historical figures they are now. They were artistic outsiders that had the audacity to try something new in an unaccepting world. This avant garde attitude is one that Fauve Magazine hopes to keep alive.

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